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Guarana Seed Benefits

Guarana is an amazon plant found in parts of Brazil and Venezuela. The berries/seeds of guarana have several health benefits including the ability to increase energy and burn excess calories. These benefits have seen guarana being used in sports nutrition and energy drinks. 

Cognitive benefit

The guarana seed contains three powerful alkaloids; theobromine, theophylline and guaranine (chemically indistinguishable to caffeine).  

Once in the body, these alkaloids have a primary function to tone the central nervous system (CNS), the heart and in addition, they enhance mental clarity and focus. When compared with the caffeine found in coffee, cocoa or tea, the natural caffeine in the guarana seed is approximately 2.5 times stronger.  

The guarana seed benefits from phytonutrients association with their fatty granules. This link aids the gentle absorption of guarana over a continuous period of 4 to 6 hours, therefore providing the unwavering stamina and mental acuity that everybody want.  

The outcome is a beneficial energizer for the brain and heart that is gentle on the body. In contrast, the caffeine from coffee gives an impulsive rush with a quite fast drop off. 

Weight loss 

The ability to hasten how fast the body perceives its fullness is another guarana seed benefit. This is a great benefit to those looking to bust unwanted body fat. 

 A study has shown that a group consuming guarana seed in their diet loose an average 5.1 kg (11.2 pound) compared to an approximate 1 pound lost by a control group after 45 days.  

Apart from suppressing hunger, guarana can also promote weight loss by stimulating the nervous system to induce lipolysis.  

Lipolysis works by releasing adipocytes into the blood stream to be used as energy during physical exercise. For the best results when using guarana to achieve weight loss, it is mixed with Damiana, Yerba Mate, and sometimes, green tea. 

Antibacterial and antioxidant effects 

Apart from energy and weight loss benefits, guarana has other medical benefits. It encourages bowel movement. This is quite a beneficial effect to people grieving from constipation. 

 In addition, guarana is effective in the treatment of other bowel conditions such as bloating and diarrhea, as it helps in detoxifying and cleansing the system. Generally, guarana supports the process of electrolyte exchange in the body. 

Cardiovascular health 

Cardiovascular health aid is another guarana seed benefit. It is used to strengthen, balance and tone the heart. Guarana also cleanses the blood and prevent it from forming clot and becoming sticky. It has also found a favor as a way of preventing stroke and other heart conditions.  


The treatment of hypertension and CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome, dysentery and malaria are other guarana seed benefits. It is also used in enhancing sexual health, as an astringent improve urine flow, treating headache, back ace, joint pain, fever and heat stress.  

Treating tiredness 

The treatment of tiredness and chronic fatigue is a process that take some time especially for those who have just embarked on a recovery journey. Taking small amounts can be of substantial help to people in such periods of health matters. Continuing with this therapy will help improve the energy levels naturally. 


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