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Fish Oil Benefits

9 Fish Oil Benefits 

Fish oil has a lot of benefits to the human body that has kept the body in a good status of health. Some of the fish oil benefits are; 

1. Provides strength and shine to fragile hair 

A report published by Dermatological clinic which focused on nutrition and hair found out that fatty acid deficiency can lead to hair color change because it boosts luminosity and resistance to breakage. This is an indication of the fish oil benefits  

2. Assists in pregnancy and fertility 

A research has shown that fish oil increases fertility in women by reducing inflammatory balancing hormones and regulating their cycles in order to prevent any reaction from occurring.  

It also improves fertility in men decosahexaenoic acid a byproduct of omega 3 fatty acid, plays a key role in mobility of sperms and health of sperm in men, furthermore, it has been found to treat endometriosis in women which causes infertility. 

 It is also beneficial for pregnant and their children because omega 3 fatty acids supports development of the brain, nervous system and eye sight in the infant .It also reduces cases of miscarriages. 

3. Supply hydration to the skin and help in inflammation 

Omega 3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce acne and warding off wrinkles in the skin hence making the skin look smooth and shiny.

The fatty acid in the fish also benefits people with psoriasis, non-melanoma skin cancer and melanoma. To achieve health and beautiful skin fish oil is best taken orally because it caters to the natural oil we produce in our body helping us to be maintained and balanced. 

4. Help reduce joint pain 

Fish oil can have anti-inflammatory effects on people suffering from joint pain, studies have shown that omega 3 fatty acid in fish oil prevent enzymes from breaking down cartilage in joints, which prevents inflammation and hence those suffering from arthritis should take it as supplements. 

5. Decreases Risk heart attack and stroke 

Clinical studies have shown that heart attack survivors significantly decrease their chances of experiencing another attack it also reduces level of cholesterol in the blood and high blood pressure. Omega 3 fatty acid also lowers triglyceride levels and protects against atherosclerosis and also corrects abnormal heartbeats. 

6. Improves concentration and Cognitive function 

Taking decosahexaenoic can increase your focus and help your cognitive function which include improved memory in adults, moreover, older adults can also benefit because it reduces the risk or delay the onset of dementia which is due to deficits in cognitive ability. 

7. Decreases Risk for Cancer 


Studies have found that fish oil cancer can kill cells. Those with colon cancer usually experience a slower progression of the disease compared to those who did not take the supplement which increase the effectiveness of exercise by helping people burn more calories. 


8. Have anti-aging effects 

One of the major fish oil benefits is that it protects cells from becoming damaged and also from dividing and thus become shorter. This prolongs life of the cells, which then prolongs life of the person. 

9. Reduces Depression. 

Studies have found that fish oil can significantly reduce risk of mental disorders and reduce cases of existing condition .countries where people consume large amount of fish have reported cases of few depression. 

These are the amazing fish oil benefits that you ought to know. 


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